Team Check-In

3/26/13: Here is the survey first draft. It covers the stuff we talked about in class.






Ok, here is the first draft of the briefing. It’s mostly the same as the example because there’s not a lot that differs in the explanation between interfaces. Take a look, edit it if you want, and re-upload it. If everything’s fine, let me know and I’ll print a few copies for our testing. I’ve still got the prototype.

Master Controller Briefing V1


here’s the plan for work division for Team Project 4.

1.) Alternative Designs

– 3 Currently Designed (Images upload by Kevin)

– Writeup by Matt

2.) Overall Design

– Designed by Kevin

– Writeup by Kevin

3.) Storyboards

– Each will do 2 storyboards, one for each task we wrote up.

– Kevin: Adding restrictions for genres, Checking the current time

– Matt: Text Alerts, Stop Tracking

– James: Adding a console, setting up an account


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