Use cases
– Make it really small and implementable

Primary = Parents
Secondary = ???
Tertiary = Kids

Persona 1:
– Carol D, age 40
– Single mother of two boys
– Lawyer, stressful job, rarely at home
– Two kids, 10 and 12
– Have a Wii and a Xbox
– Uses software to cut down time spent playing games

Persona 2:
– Lucius and Margaret O, ages 38 and 36
– 3 Kids, ages 1, 6, 10
– Very busy with baby, less time to monitor other children
– Wants a way to remotely monitor the time their kids spend playing games


1: Register a Device (PC (including web games, wii u, xbox360, ps3, mobile, tablet)
2: Set up an account
3: Set up child accounts
4: Set overall restrictions (Daily or Weekly)
5: Set device-specific restrictions
6: Check the number of hours played
7: Enable alerts for parents
8: Alert someone upon reaching limit (Via Text)
– Can be configured to different people depending on time
9: Set content/rating-specific restrictions
10: Opt to alert kids when they’re running low on time (Via Text)
-A: Set the time remaining at which kids are sent alerts
B: Unlock button (Stops tracking time for the day)

1.) A parent is going to have different age kids and more than one kid
2.) Allow restrictions on content (category/rating/game)
3.) Allow restrictions on a kid-to-kid basis
4.) Mobile phones? Tablet? Web-based games?
5.) Kids can go to someone else’s house in play
6.) (THINK ABOUT) Watching replays on youtube, reading reviews.
7.) Find humor when possible, but can backfire(Try not to make it seem punitive and Big Brother)
8.) 5-7, 9-11, up (Younger kids might like characters)
9.) Dashboard for parent vs kid
10.) Blurb for games


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