5b part 2

Mary Davidson, two children, ages 13 and 15


She had the most trouble determining how to find out if she had viewed teen games. She was able to complete the next two tasks fairly easily. She correctly inserted text into all the required fields to complete the tasks. She mentioned that she would use this software if it actually existed and that it would be helpful. She also mentioned that being able to add restrictions on PC would be useful.


Kris Galvin and Tim Galvin, four children, ages 18, 19 (twins), and 21.


Kris had some trouble identifying where to go to check the number of hours for teen games, eventually clicking on settings to get a larger view. She had little trouble completing the tasks after that, but had some confusion deriving that by ‘text’ in our task we meant phone. She was also a little confused about the use of “Master Controller” in the third task, because she wasn’t completely aware that Master Controller was the name of the site.


Tim had more trouble identifying teen games in the first task. He assumed that teen games was wrapped in overall time, so he was confused. He was also confused about the phrasing – we asked them to identify time played, not time left, which is what the system identifies. He was able to complete the second task fairly easily, and then the third task he identified email as text updates instead of phone. He also didn’t enter a password before applying changes in settings.


The Galvins suggested a few changes to the system. The first would be renaming “settings” on the child account section of the main page to something else. Settings implies that one would go there to make changes, not necessarily to just view data. They also suggested putting information for time left as well as time currently played. Lastly, text notifications should be more obvious.


One issue I noticed between all users that tested the interface was that they didn’t notice the scrollbar on the subsections. They weren’t looking for it, and didn’t see it. A potential solution would be to move the arrow to below the information, to put it in the direction of eye movement while going down the restriction list.


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