Assignment 5b, part 1

Briefing document:


Test Subject #1:

Ann McDonald, Professor of Art and Design

Two children, boys, both 13 years old


1. Check the number of hours that Jimmy has left playing teen games

2. Add a restriction of two hours for Jimmy

3. Make master Controller send text notifications to you


Task 1:

– Didn’t realize she could scroll down at first, went to settings to view

– Had some trouble identifying that she completed the task by viewing the teen game meter

Task 2:

– didn’t know if it meant to add hours to a current restriction or make a new one

– made it to adding the number of hours then had some confusion about what the add button meant

– wasn’t completely aware that she completed the task when the Xbox restriction appeared

Task 3:

– Clicks logo multiple times, wasn’t sure if it would bring her to the right page

– clicked on main settings

– wasn’t sure if she was at the right place at any given time, didn’t know if the labels for the options were text or buttons

– doesn’t type current password until an error message appears



– Could use more information about where she is and what the options on that page are

– Would be something useful that she would use for parental controls on her kids


Other interviews are to come once we can interview other users.


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