Assignment 4: Design and some story boards

For our final design, we decided on a segmented column approach. We found that the best way to organize the information was to divide the children vertically and then each restriction horizontally. Each column can be scrolled individually. This way if each child has a lot of restrictions, then a parent doesn’t need to spend some time finding where the child they want to look at begins. If there are more than three child accounts, the columns can be moved left and right to view more.

  2013-02-18 16.51.31

For the child’s page, we used another design idea for the front page. This design works better here because each restriction is only going to be for this child. There’s no secondary division, so it’s fine to keep all the restrictions with each other vertically. If there’s enough room, the restrictions can also form two columns to keep page length down.

2013-02-18 02.13.34

Last, the settings page is designed in the same manner as the other two, with each option a separate box. The design ma kes the page easier to parse and each option more available.

2013-02-18 16.51.05

Story boards:

2013-02-18 16.34.07


2013-02-18 16.33.26


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