Assignment 4: Alternative Design, More Storyboards, and Roles and Tasks (Part 2)

In the process of deciding on our main design, we considered a number of alternatives.

2013-02-18 02.14.32

Our first design idea can be best seen in the upper left-hand corner of this page (the other 3 sections represent other aspects of the design). This section, the dashboard, featured a quick activity view, a quick account view, and an easy way to access settings. As a group, we decided that we liked the ease with which one could add a new account. However, we decided against this design because the activity wasn’t obviously synchronized with the child accounts.

2013-02-16 13.30.03

Our next design idea featured a more minimalist approach. The strengths of the idea were the ease and intuitiveness with which the account settings could be accessed, along with the synchronicity of the child accounts and their activity reports. We ultimately decided against this horizontal layout because of how unwieldy and tall the screen would become if the parents elected to use many restriction controls. Elements of this design would later be included in our final design.

2013-02-16 14.03.06

Our third design opted for a vertical approach, while simultaneously splitting the settings options into two categories. We liked the vertical integration of elements, as it would be much easier to see individual restrictions, and one could also see what activity the child accounts are currently engaged in. This was our favorite of the three ideas seen so far. However, we ultimately decided against it because the setting split seemed unnecessary and the interactive options (Settings and Turn Off) were not readily accessible.

Our final design, which can be seen elsewhere, was decided upon because it incorporated the most effective aspects of the other three iterations (Ease of adding accounts, easy-to-view activity by account, vertical approach).



Enable Text Alerts:


Stop Tracking:



Roles and Tasks:

Kevin: Designer

James: Business Analyst

Matt: Web Developer


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