Assignment 2: Part 2 (More Task Scenarios)

Carol’s children have multiple gaming systems and she needs a way to monitor them all.  She’s tried setting parental controls on each of them individually, but that’s a pain to do and her kids are complaining that it forces them to evenly distribute their time among each system.  Carol recently heard about Master Controller and decided to try it out herself, so she set up an account and now has to register her various devices.

Her goal is to manage and limit all her children’s game systems as a group in one interface.  To do this, she must record the various player accounts on each system and enter them into Master Controller.  There could be many exceptions in this process, as older gaming systems don’t have player account systems and less mainstream products may not allow monitoring of player accounts.

There aren’t many constraints to this process.  Time is not an issue, and this task will likely only be performed once in a long period of time.  Systems having some method of monitoring player accounts are the largest restraint.

Carol’s decided that enough is enough, her two young boys have been spending all their time playing video games instead of studying or playing outside.  She’s heard of a new way of limiting time spent on games, Master Controller, but she doesn’t want to have a big hassle just to get her kids off the Xbox.  She goes to the Master Controller website to give it a try and discovers that setting up an account is easy and fast.

Her goal is to get her children to spend more time on other activities by limiting their time on video games.    To set up an account, she only needs to provide a valid email address and then confirm that she really is the owner of that address via email confirmation.  While she’s setting up her account, she will also be prompted to create a child account for every individual who she wishes to monitor.  She might not have all the information she needs to make these child accounts immediately, so she can choose to make them at a later date.

There will likely be few constraints to this process.  Time is not an issue, and this task will only be performed once.  The only real constraint is that the user needs an email address.


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